Infinite Stripes, 2014, digital suggestion
PROCESSES / Execution
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Suboptimal Products
       Our eponymous performance.
        As DymTeam members prepare a venue for work and storage,
        the venue's staff &/or inhabitants join DymTeamMembers
        in providing trash, generated through routine behavior.
        Additional trash may come from the public.
        DymTeam members sort and label accumulating trash.¹
        Concurrently, they begin manufacturing useful items
        ("products") using trash as material. The aim of this
        focused endurance performance is to use up the trash
        through manufacturing. (Good luck with that, right?!)
        Finished items are displayed immediately for sale.
        As allotted time draws to a close, DymTeamMembers
        document all remaining trash² and unsold products.
        Whatever³ remains goes to the nearest landfill.
        Dym recommends a minimum of 30 days for this performance.
        1 Stinky or wet trash is sent to municipal sanition,
        landfill or incinerator.
        2 DymTeamMembers note materials by weight and
        class, as well as account for embodied energy and original materials'
        sources. Time permitting,
        DymTeamMembers generate useful info-graphics.
        3 "Whatever" includes trash and products.