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Live Action Materials Transformation
Performed by Vertically Integrated Millers
        Close to Dym's heart, Live Action Materials Transformation
        exists to change our audience's relationship to their material
        lives. LAMT delicately choreographs our Vertically Integrated
        Millers into a fully functional performance to change waste
        into new material¹ — yarn or whole cloth.
        Live Action Materials Transformation makes manufacturing
        visible, understandable, beautiful, and, perhaps, funny.
        This unusual performance gathers a community of experts
        to performatively transform waste into specialty yarns.
        Using mostly hand-tools—Dym's provisionally patented
        designs—Vertically Integrated Millers use ritual yet
        efficient and highly functional labor to shred worn natural
        fiber textiles. The fine shreds² are hand-wheel spun, pending
        additional of machinery, into colorful yarns. Plyed as desired,
        the yarns are packaged with market-ready labels.
        A selection of yarn is used for demonstration products,
        ranging from tea cozies to lingerie to hammocks.
        1 This is absolutely technically possible, in case you wondered.
        2 We add, as necessary for strength, a percentage of new fiber.
        Since tons of good sheep and alpaca wool are thrown out every year,
        there is good, new waste fiber to use.