DISHRAGS 2009-11, suboptimal products
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Dishrags 2009-11
       Supoptimal Products founder Miriam Dym made a dishrag every working day during the period SPPM was based on Magnolia Street, West Oakland, California (February 2009 – August 2011).
       Each dishrag was used once, to wash a coffee cup or two, then labeled with the date of its making and its number in sequence. Dym accumulated 282 dishrags (+/-2 due to poor tracking).
       Each dishrag displays between 1 and 12 differenent scraps of cloth assembled from Dym's personal, memory-laden supply. However, there is, as yet, no key or written code to allow you to understand just how much content these odd little quilt-like, sack-shaped, hand-sized objects contain.
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