Paint rags 2009-11, suboptimal material
MATERIALS / Cloth scraps
cloth shreds    /   paint rags    /   thread clippings   
Paint rags 2009-11
       Applying paint to fabric bears a relationship to painting, unless, of course, the application is accidental and the accumulation of color is an unintentional result of a secondary process.
       Here at Suboptimal Products, we take into consideration the intentions of the person applying the paint, the ultimate contextualization of the paint-covered-fabrics, and the particular beauty of the so-called end-product.
       We saved the paint-covered rags because for years we saved all our trash, we really believe we can turn them into something useful—some call this hoarding, we call it imaginative. Recently we've realized that we can use all sorts of sheet material to make lampshapes so this is the plan until we decide otherwise.
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